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USA Today Trumpets Biased Poll Smearing Glenn Beck

USA Today and various "Christian" sources report a poll released by the Public Religion Research Institute and Religion News Service. They claim: "few believe Glenn Beck can be a religious leader." Only 17% approve of Beck, they claim.

Religious News Service is the same anti-Mormon organization that found deep Mormon imagery in Twilight, noting how Bella does chores like an old-fashioned woman, and compares the book to Satanist "Dracula." RNS trumpeted Democrats' forgery charges against the Book of Mormon and gay protests against Mormons.

The Public Religion Research Institute is no less out to get Mormons and all things conservative. USA Today also trumpeted their ridiculous poll claiming great opposition in California against Prop 8 as soon as the gay federal judge overthrew the constitutional amendment.

They also claimed in their "polls" that most Americans want illegal aliens naturalized, especially religious people.

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Euripides said...

Just an observation: It seems the Mormon haters are even more virulent than same sex marriage advocates, gay rights advocates and hard-core modern leftists. That's saying something about the deep-rooted level of hate and spite these folks seem to hold against Mormons. We got a glimpse of this when Mitt Romney dared to run for president.