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Yale Students Host Iran's President Ahmadinejad

Treason. The liberals of the future at Yale University held a Seminar with the psychotic dictator of Iran just after he had declared at the U.N. that the United States had perpetrated the 9/11 terrorist attacks and blamed them on Muslims.

Leverett said she thinks students took away from the meeting in New York that Ahmadinejad is “not a crazy, irrational leader,” and whether students agree with him or not, he has a strategy for Iran...

Jim Levinsohn, director of the Jackson Institute, said the Institute’s main aim in hiring fellows is to expose students to a wide range of views.- Yale Daily News

One student in the class, Sharif Vakili, refused to show up to the meeting because his parents were from Iran. Big props to him! At least he knows what is going on! Not like these other liberal clowns. Last year the crazed dictator gave a speech to liberals at Columbia University.

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