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Leaked Audio Of CBS Reporters 'Conspiring Lies' Against Republican Joe Miller

"You know that of all the people that will show up tonight, at least one of them will be a registered sex offender... We need to find that person... If there is any sort of chaos whatsoever we can put out a twitter/facebook alert... Hey Joe Miller punched at the rally... Kinda like Rand Paul, I like that."

Breitbart released this accidental voicemail recording allegedly of "the news director for CBS Anchorage affiliate KTVA, along with assignment editor Nick McDermott, and other reporters, openly discussing creating, if not fabricating, two stories about Republican nominee for U.S. Senate, Joe Miller."

CNN Just Sat On Video Of Jerry Brown Calling His Plan For California 'A Lie'

Meg Whitman's campaign just released it. A stunning interview on CNN in which Jerry Brown comes clean on his lies. Did CNN ever intend to revisit this interview? Probably not.


CBS Lie: More Attended Jon Stewart's Rally Than Glenn Beck's

Despite obvious proof (above) that Glenn Beck's Restoring Honor rally had much larger crowds than Jon Stewart's Restoring Sanity crowd, CBS disagreed. CBS saw only 87,000 at Glenn's rally via My aerial photo analysis estimated over 1 million people.

CBS claims New York Times claims Viacom claims the Park Service claims "well over 200,000" attended Stewart's rally. This led Huffington Post and other leftist blogs to claim: "Sanity Rally attendance OBLITERATED Glenn Beck rally."

Not at all true, despite the hundreds of free bus rides provided by Huffington Post and other big-shot liberals. (photo: gateway punit)

Racist Hate Crimes Happen More In Liberal States: FBI Statistics

I used the FBI Hate Crime statistics for 2008, comparing each state by its population and vote for 2008.

The vast majority of reported racist hate crimes were in blue states, but the graph evened out because they also have higher populations. New Jersey, Michigan, and Delaware have by far the most reported racist crimes per population. Other liberal states are somewhat higher than red states, and red states that you would expect to have the most racism (Utah, Mississippi, Alabamba, and Georgia) have by far the least. Radical liberal states have higher hate crimes and the more conservative states have the least.

Here's the raw data:

Red States (state, # hate crimes, # hate crimes per million)

  • S Dakota- 20, 24.869
  • Kansas- 69, 24.62
  • Arkansas- 65, 22.764
  • Tennessee- 21.722
  • S. Carolina- 89, 19.867
  • W. Virginia- 17.636
  • N. Dakota- 10.15.589
  • Louisiana- 60, 13.603
  • Arizona- 80, 12.307
  • Missouri- 70, 11.84
  • Oklahoma- 38, 10.433
  • Kentucky- 43, 10.072
  • Idaho- 15, 9.8437
  • Montana- 8, 8.269
  • Wyoming- 4, 7.509
  • Alaska- 5, 7.2855
  • Texas- 131, 5.385
  • Utah- 14, 5.1162
  • Nebraska- 3, 1.682
  • Mississ.- 4, 1.361
  • Alabamba- 6, 1.2965
  • Georgia- 4, 0.412978
Blue States (state, # hate crimes, # hate crimes per million)
  • N Jersey- 340, 39.158
  • Michigan- 391, 39.0866
  • Delaware- 33, 37.797
  • Massach- 168, 25.854
  • Connect- 91, 25.99
  • Maine- 32, 24.3076
  • Oregon- 89, 23.48
  • Virginia- 172, 22.139
  • N. Hampsh.- 26, 19.76
  • Vermont- 12, 19.315
  • Washington- 121, 18.4755
  • Minnesota- 96, 18.3894
  • Nevada- 44, 16.922
  • California- 58, 15.888
  • Colorado- 67, 13.782
  • Wash. D.C.- 8, 13.5173
  • Maryland- 55, 9.7628
  • Rhode Island- 10, 9.5167
  • N. Carolina- 87, 9.434
  • Wisconson- 53, 9.4173
  • N. York- 179, 9.184
  • Iowa- 20, 6.661
  • Indiana- 39, 6.11593
  • Illinois- 66, 5.11566
  • Florida- 69, 3.7647
  • Pennsyl.- 43, 3.454
  • N. Mexico- 4, 2.016
Religious and anti-homosexual hate crimes coming soon...


Bigotry at Religion Dispatches: Mormons display 'paranoid partisan rhetorical ugliness'

Anti-Mormon published a nasty hit piece with supposedly-Mormon, supposedly-funny Matt Workman imploring Mormons to "Take It Down a Notch for America” This Election Season."

Why? Well Mormonism is already "best known for its association with Glenn Beck, Cleon Skousen, and ultra-cons." We should stop being racists because "they’re not illegal immigrants, people; they’re “Lamanites." We should stop calling "people we disagree with Hitler.” And "the Holy Ghost gets a contact rash from extremist political rhetoric."

Religion Dispatches recently claimed Glenn Beck cries to show his Mormon masculinity. This is part of the "peculiar strand of religious political conservatism rooted in, and once isolated to, the Mormon culture."

Most famously, author Joanna Brooks claimed Twilight secretly promotes Mormonism and expressed concern that young impressionable audiences will "consume trace amounts of Mormon theologies of the family recast through vampire lore."

The other author of this slime, Matt Workman, said Mormons marrying in their early 20s is a "far more unnatural sexual practice" than gay marriage.

Christine O'Donnell Gains 10% After Coons' Personal Attacks

Following Chris Coons' vicious debate performance and personal attack ads flooding Delaware, Christine O'Donnell gained 10% support. But she is still only 51% to 41%.


Bush Admits He Ordered PA Plane Shot Down On 9/11

Drudge leaks President Bush's new book, which claims that he ordered planes shot down on 9/11, and "at first thought the plane in PA had been shot down." More soon...


Breaking Video Confirms Associated Press Spread Edited Video Of Rand Paul Incident

This fake controversy involves a radical worker disguising herself as a white-racist and holding up incendiary signs in front of Rand Paul. When her movements became aggressive, a supporter stepped in and took her down. The liberal media circulated an EDITED video of the event to falsely implicated Rand Paul supporters. Remember when liberals complained about edited videos taking things out of context??

Here is AP's edited video:


Associated Press Covers Up Attack On Rand Paul SUPPORTER

The Associated Press hypes a so-called "assault" against a Rand Paul opponent with report after report. This fake controversy involves a radical worker disguising herself as a white-racist and holding up incendiary signs in front of Rand Paul. When her movements became aggressive, a supporter stepped in and took her down. AP circulates an edited snippet of a video clip of the incident.

But no mention in any media of a stomping incident against a Rand Paul supporter before this. This one was real. A radical liberal stomped down on a surgical cast of a supporter, causing the wound to tear open.

No mention in Associated Press. All we get is this edited clip of manufactured outrage from liberals:

"Think Progress, the website bankrolled by the Center for American Progress Action Fund, a think tank headed by Bill Clinton’s former chief of staff John D. Podesta, who was also head of Barack Obama’s presidential transition team after the 2008 election, failed to mention that a Rand Paul activist was also stomped on by a Conway fan last night.

It’s unsurprising that Think Progress would run a cover-up for Democrat establishment candidate Conway, given the fact that Center for American Progress director Jennifer Palmieri admits that the goal of the organization is focused around “driving the White House’s message and agenda.”

Neither does it come as a shock that Media Matters, who recently received a $1 million contribution from billionaire globalist Soros, would also fail to mention the Conway supporter’s stomp in the course of their coverage of the story. Media Matters is tied at the hip with Think Progress as part of Podesta’s Progressive Media propaganda campaign, described as a “war room for promoting the foreign and domestic policies of Barack Obama.” Podesta also helped found Media Matters."-


New Jersey Teachers Union Video: 'F**k' with those kids, 'N****rs'

Undercover video reveals New Jersey union teachers bragging about rigging elections, calling black kids n******, and collaborate to "slander" Governor Chris Christie.

Follow-up on the n-word controversy:

via gatewaypundit from James O'Keefe

Florida Democrat Alex Sink Cheats During Debate


NPR CEO Was Soviet Union 'Fixer'

She told the world that Juan Williams should see a psychiatrist and fired him for feeling nervous when Muslims fly in planes in full Muslim dress. Turns out tax-funded National Public Radio might have a communist CEO. The American Spectator first describes media reports under Vivian Schiller that are sympathetic to Communist Russia:

How about a film project called Portrait of the Soviet Union?

It was lovely. A glowing documentary of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics produced in documentary film format by a big Soviet Union fan -- Ted Turner.

The 1988 film was also made into a book of the same name, with Fitzroy MacLean, a onetime British MP listed as the author. By 1988 MacLean was the "chief consultant" for Turner Broadcasting

Turns out Schiller lived in communist Russia, made videos about it, and worked there as a 'fixer' before working for CNN and New York Times. She had gotten her degree in Russian and Soviet Studies from Cornell:

Ms. Schiller, it seems, had a fascination with the Russian language. Which led her to the Soviet Union after college, which led in turn to a job as a tour guide, which led to work on the documentary version of Turner's Portrait of the Soviet Union.

Schiller was not a creative force on the film, she was simply using her Russian skills to help the Turner people get around the country. But it is interesting that a career that has blossomed in the hallowed halls of the notoriously intolerant American left-wing media began in one of the most infamously intolerant civilizations on earth -- where Schiller was hired to work on what became a stunningly rose-colored look at the Communist tyranny.

The New York Times slammed the film for throwing the real Soviet lifestyle down memory hole, for falsely portraying "the greatest experiment in social engineering the world has ever seen" mere years before its collapse. But that didn't stop the New York Times from eventually hiring the Schiller as Senior Vice President and General Manager of More...


Associated Press Praises North Korea's "Real" Communist Paradise

It is well known that North Korea rolls out the red carpet for the Western Media in an effort to portray a happy and wealthy nation. We also know well that it is perhaps the most unhappy, tortuous places on earth. But AP was fooled and "squealed with delight" at the communist paradise they witnessed:

AP- "...there was no shortage of mouthwatering options on the menu at our guide's favorite restaurant: ostrich, duck and beef; scallops, crab and lobster; pancakes, stews, noodles and even spaghetti.

Even the kimchi - and normally I am not a fan of the spicy fermented cabbage that is Korea's most famous dish - was irresistible.

That meal was part of a remarkable whirlwind trip that AP photographer Vincent Yu and I took to Pyongyang, capital of one of the world's most hidden nations, for the 65th anniversary of the ruling Workers' Party...

Afterward, we wandered along the scenic Taedong River, stopping to chat with families picnicking along its grassy, willow-lined banks.

Later, our guides had a surprise: a trip to an amusement park. Earlier, as we'd sped past in a car, I had squealed with delight and told them how much I'd love to see the fair.

AP is just excited about communism. Surprised? Reporter Jean H. Lee often praises N. Korea's communism and slams the United States. He reported "Smiling North Koreans win over South African hosts" but failed to mention the punishment dished out at the team for not winning 1st place. AP goes on to give gushing report of the Communist parade for the squalored nation's new dictator Kim Jun Ill[er]:

AP- "And this was clearly no ordinary event... Military VIPs, their uniforms bedecked with medals, filed solemnly past...

It's said that for the 100,000 performers who spend most of the year training for the intricately choreographed extravaganza in which they sing, dance and fly through the air, their dream is to perform for Kim Jong Il.

As the music faded, the performers stood dazed, gazing up into the stands and reluctant to leave. Many were in tears. Only after an announcer urged them to leave the field did they scurry off.

The next day, we had a front-row seat for what was apparently the largest military parade in North Korea's history, a marvel of synchronicity, with troops goose-stepping in perfect precision across the plaza to shouts of "mansei" - "hurrah" - from the crowd.

Tanks followed, loaded with a fearsome array of missiles and rocket launchers... Tears rolled down our guide's face.

Goebells couldn't have said it better! Doesn't that make you nauseous? Here's the best part: Associated Press calls this all "the Real North Korea!" They were completely fooled!

" was easy to forget we were in communist North Korea.

Just before we said our good-byes for the night, our guide gave Vincent a small, glossy red pin bearing the smiling face of Kim Il Sung, just like the ones affixed to the shirt of every North Korean.

"Always wear it on your left side," he said, "close to your heart."...

In the end, we decided there was no way the encounters could have been staged: the stew bubbling on the portable gas cooker, the couple canoodling in the bushes, the screams and laughs that filled the night air around the Tilt-a-Whirl.

It may not have been what we expected in one of the world's last communist strongholds, but it was definitely real.

BBC recently got a taste of what is "staged" and "real" in North Korea. They weren't fooled:

Audience Spontaneously Offers Pledge Of Allegiance Despite Debate Moderator's Objections

Kathy Tate-Bradish, a member of the League of Women voters and former worker with Obama For America, refused to allow the audience to recite the Pledge of Allegiance before the beginning of this debate between Dem. Rep. Melissa Bean and conservative Joe Walsh.

via gatewaypundit


Fox Debate Moderator Calls Rubio 'Anti-Latino'

John Wilson of Fox 13 in Tampa pulls for the Democrat:


Democrats Seeks Paid Campaigners On Craigslist

As usual, the Democrats fill Craigslist with ads to pay people to protest for their "progressive" policies, including abortion and Obamacare.


Media Matters Steps Up Liberal Attacks After George Soros Donation

This comes on the heels of Glenn Beck's recent episode detailing the massive liberal money influencing our media. Media Matters gets a $1 million donation from George Soros.

Right on cue, Media Matters smears Glenn Beck. Most recently they said he helps the Chamber of Commerce to indoctrinate children. Glenn Beck had pointed out that Obama's phony attacks on the Chamber of Commerce is really an attack on 96% small businesses.

Beck also detailed the George Soros funding of NPR news. Government liberal media. Right on cue, NPR fired a reporter for expressing concern about people dressed as Muslims on planes.

Liberal brainwashing in the media is increasing. (Today's Glenn Beck episode here)


Christine O'Donnell's Opponent 'Retaliated For Political Views'

Three lawsuits in 2007 allege that Coons retaliated against government employees because of their political views. Associated Press reported on this three years ago, but apparently forgot about it as they intensely investigate Christine O'Donnel's views on witches and masturbation. CNN admits the obsession with Christine O'Donnell is "petty" yet continues to hammer her. When will we get a single article about something substantial like Coons' attack on free speech??


UFO In El Paso Skies, Similar To NYC's

Dems Receive Twice As Much Foreign Money As GOP: Media Silence

The Blaze has this exclusive:

a new analysis from the Center for Responsive Politics has revealed that the Democratic Party has raised more than $1 million from political action committees affiliated with foreign companies — about twice as much as the $510,000 the GOP has received from PACs on the same list.

Obama falsely claimed in attack ads that the Chamber of Commerce receives foreign money. He called it a threat to Democracy.

Associated Press: 'Productive' Democrats Gets 'No Respect From Voters'

Whine-fest over at AP (and MSNBC)

AP- "The public panned it. Republicans obstructed it. Many Democrats fled from it. Even so, the session of Congress now drawing to a close was the most productive in nearly half a century.

Not since the explosive years of the civil rights movement and the hard-fought debut of government-supported health care for the elderly and poor have so many big things — love them or hate them — been done so quickly."

The liberal Associated Press does have a point. Congress rammed Obamacare through just as fast as possible. They forced through the stimulus before they could even read the bill. It's ridiculous propaganda to compare this to the civil rights era, but truly they have been productive.

In their comparison AP pretends Democrats lost big in the 1966 election because of civil rights legislation they had passed. Not true, and how is this election similar to the civil rights era?

AP quotes Obama supporter Norman Ornstein who claims Republicans obstruct Democrats' hopeful message. He supported Obamacare and the stimulus in a Washington Post article and called Obama "mainstream, pragmatic moderate." His maturity is proven by his last line: "Does Newt Gingrich, a PhD in history, really believe that [expletive]?"

Among Obama's great accomplishments, AP lists: "Making attacks based on sexual orientation a federal hate crime" and "Increasing federal regulation of tobacco products."AP asks, "So where's the love?" Uh those are negative things! And the rest of the list is very very debatable.

10/17/10 Promotes Legalizing Drugs

Liberal Hot Air likes to subtly promote its liberal causes by sneaking in liberal articles with its headlines, at the top of the site. It does this because the conservative audience would be outraged if the once-great blog just said it itself.

Today we get this LA Times article calling for the legalization of marijuana. Past headlines promoted gay marriage, smeared Tea Parties, and smeared Mitt Romney. Liberal HotAir should just give its opinions instead of cowardly promoting articles about it.

Arsonist Torches Mormon Meeting House Following 'Gay Marriage' Outrage

A Mormon Church near Seattle Washington was destroyed by an arsonist police say, causing at least $1.6 million damage and displacing hundreds of worshipers.

In search of the motive consider the ongoing outrage in the media over church leader Boyd K. Packer's remarks that homosexual tendencies can be overcome. Seattle has a large gay community and saw massive protests against Proposition 8, blaming largely Mormons.

The Seattle Times article headlined Mormon church targeted for Prop. 8 support. Looks like that hasn't changed. A Seattle Times article blaming Packer's remarks for teen suicides got this angry remark:

If there were a god, surely she would subject insidious, indignant, evil bast*rds like LDS and other homophobic fundies to an eternity of misery.

The Seattle Weekly also stepped up its bigoted attacks recently ridiculing Mormon sacred garments, posting an image of the garments and linking to an anti-Mormon hate site. A Seattle gay news site recently published lies about Mormons, lies that "make you angry". The Seattle site 'The Stranger' screamed Mormons "know all about doing violence to people's marriages" after an anti-Mormon documentary debuted at the Seattle International Film Festival.


Media Blackout: Dem. Rep. Charlie Wilson 'Abused Ex-Wife'

The media has been silent about the revalation that Ohio Democrat Congressman Charlie Wilson allegedly abused his ex-spouse. The public record court documents allege repeated "extreme cruelty." Townhall is particularly flummoxed that liberal reporter John McArdle leaked sealed divorce records of a Georgia Republican candidate but not this.

Liberal Media Threaten Reporter For Asking Rahm Emmanuel Hard Questions

"I'm going to deck you!" Instead of investigating the liberal journalist who made this threat, Ben Smith at Politico condemns the threatened conservative for being a "Breitbart before his time." Watch the liberal reporters' contempt for this conservative:

Time Magazine Spreads Religous Fear Of Mormon Glenn Beck

Liberal Time Magazine is the latest to promote a Nazi-like conspiracy theory book about 'Tea Bagging' Glenn Beck. Tax-funded NPR also relays the anti-Mormon tirade from a Washington Post reporter.

Notice the related story at the top: 'How the religious right resemble the Taliban.' Mormons are the Taliban now. Truly there is some Nazi hate coming from the liberal media, and it is only just beginning.


9/11 CBS Coverage Claimed 3rd WTC Explosion & Capital Hill Explosion

I am no truther, but this live CBS coverage is unbelievable. CBS says CNN reports a "third explosion that caused the World Trade Center to collapse in on itself" that was at "ground level." It also says CNN reports "an explosion on Capital Hill" and a fire on the Washington Mall.

Video: Uneven Moderating Against Christine O'Donnell In Debate

CNN's Wolf Blitzer and former PBS anchor Nancy Karibjanian did the best they could to help out Democrat Chris Coons in the Delaware Debate. But his utter rage shown through. Massive liberal bias and personal hatred displayed by the moderators and by Coons.

Sharron Angle's Poll Numbers Plummet Following Anti-Mormon Row

Republican Sharron Angle's poll numbers have plummeted following her pastor's allegations of Mormon murder squads and other bigoted attacks on Mormons, and following Angle's insufficient disavowal of those comments.

Harry Reid and Sharron Angle are now even in the polls, though Angle had a four point lead a week ago.


Associated Press Lies: O'Donnell 'Went On The Offensive'

AP apparently didn't see the same debate I saw! AP starts its radical liberal article with the claim: "Christine O'Donnell went on the offensive Wednesday, attacking Democrat Chris Coons as a career politician."

AP laughably claims that Coons "excelled as a debater in Amherst College." Not in this debate! Even CNN admitted "his scorn for O'Donnell was barely disguised. In the first statement of the night he called O'Donnell an "extremist." So who went on the offensive here??

Watch 2 minutes of this debate and the winner is clearly O'Donnell. Mediate gives an incredibly biased and false review, leaving out key points of the events and fabricating "booes" and "mouthed wows".


MSNBC Owner Received $24.9 Million in Stimulus Grants

The funds and jobs were promptly sent overseas by GE

(CNS News) "The Obama administration gave corporate giant General Electric—the parent company of NBC–$24.9 million in grants from the $787-billion economic “stimulus” law President Barack Obama signed in February 2009, according to records posted by the administration at

Despite getting $24.9 million from U.S. taxpayers, GE decreased its U.S.-based employees by 18,000 in 2009, according to the company’s 2009 annual report. According to Standard & Poor’s, GE took in $156 billion in revenue in 2009.

GE was the primary recipient of 14 stimulus grants, a spokeswoman for confirmed to These 14 grants provided GE with $24.9 million in tax dollars. On four additional stimulus grants, the primary recipient of the federal money hired GE as a contractor. is the administration’s website that tracks stimulus expenditures."

The media won't report that the stimulus money is literally being shipped to other countries. That's because the government-run media is literally doing it!


Tax-Funded NPR Spreads Anti-Mormon Book Smearing 'Tea Bagging' Glenn Beck

Your tax dollars at work. National Public Radio reviews a book by a Washington Post reporter which falsely claims Glenn Beck inspires Mormons to rebel with secret codes.

The Nazii-like conspiracy theory is at least corrected by NPR. They admit that "only a handful of members" of the church are aware of the prophesy that Glenn Beck allegedly referenced (I doubt he even meant to reference it). They also correct the imagery of violence promoted by the bigoted Washington Post author, admitting that "it doesn't sound like a violent thing."

As further evidence that Glenn Beck is secretly spreading Mormonism, they claim that he "talks about a God of miracles." Boy, that's just awful, isn't it??

Obama Says Republicans Want Blacks To Stay Home

The Great Uniter pulls out class warfare and race baiting. No notice in the media.


Associated Press Covers Up Book Getting Thrown At Obama's Head

(near the end, right hand side)

Top headline at Yahoo, AP reported that Obama was "imploring voters not to reward what he called Republican cynicism and incompetence by sitting out the Nov. 2 elections." Apparently the crowd was so turned off by his plea that someone threw a book, narrowly missing his head. There was also a naked man arrested; no mention of that.

Associated Press was overjoyed at Bush's shoe throwing "protester" but zero reporting here, or in any American media.


Media Covers Up Sharron Angle's Deep Anti-Mormon & Scientology Ties

The media has failed to report Sharron Angle's pastor claims of Mormon hit squads and other nutty bigoted theories, reporting only that he called Mormonism a cult.

But Sharron Angle agrees that fundamentally there is no separation of church and state. She also has not denied Pastor Reed's claim that he inspired her to run for office. Specifically, what else does she agree with??

As I reported earlier Sharron Angle attended that church for many years. Each news media reports carefully that she recently left to attend a new church. But what church would that be?? Can't find the answer, but here is Sharron Angle in a recent Scientology promotional. Yes, Scientology. You won't see that in the media!:

Top U.S. Scientist: 'Trillion Dollar Global Warming Scam Corrupted Science'

Top US scientist Hal Lewis sent this letter of resignation to the University of California at Santa Barbara:

"The giants no longer walk the earth... It is of course, the global warming scam, with the (literally) trillions of dollars driving it, that has corrupted so many scientists, and has carried APS before it like a rogue wave. It is the greatest and most successful pseudoscientific fraud I have seen in my long life as a physicist. Anyone who has the faintest doubt that this is so should force himself to read the ClimateGate documents, which lay it bare. (Montford’s book organizes the facts very well.) I don’t believe that any real physicist, nay scientist, can read that stuff without revulsion. I would almost make that revulsion a definition of the word scientist.

So what has the APS, as an organization, done in the face of this challenge? It has accepted the corruption as the norm, and gone along with it…" (


China Censors News Of Nobel Prize For Tiananmen Square Leader

China blocks all mention of the Nobel Prize that was awarded to Liu Xiaobo, who is still jailed for leading the Tiananmen Square protests in 1989.

Communist China threatened the Norwegian government over the award. Liu’s wife Liu Xia is under house arrest after calling for his release. Obama called for the release of the human rights protester, to his credit.

Sharron Angle's Pastor Alleges Murder Squads in Mormon Church 'Cult'

UPDATE: Sharron Angles disavows Pastor Reeds remarks. Harry Reid rightfully demands that Sharron Angle give a direct response to the specific allegations. Sharron never disagrees this this man inspired her to run for office. Why is she ignoring this opportunity to reach out to these swing voters???

Compassionate Conservatism. Angle worshiped under Pastor John Reed of Sonrise Church in Reno for many years. The man is absolutely insane! He alleges assassination squads in the Mormon church:

( "I don’t believe in separation of church and state. I believe that phrase is not in the constitution. It is not a constitutional concept.

...“The Christian denominations are in agreement like 95 percent of everything,” he answered. “The differences are so minute. … So in the Christian faith, the religion is pretty unified. There’s different denominations and their differences are so minute and minor.”

...“I think we’re in the same boat,” he said. “When you have practicing Jews that are practicing the Old Testament [Tanakh] and the Christians accept the exact same book of the Old Testament—I mean, the same views and teachings of the Old Testament’s word—we’re in agreement … Jews, Christians are pro-life, pro-God, pro-family, pro-freedom, pro-religion. I mean, we’re like 95 percent in harmony already.”

...But despite his denial, he was disdainful in our conversations of some other Christian faiths, and his church lends out copies of DVDs that attack other Christian churches... Another title virtually reads the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (LDS) out of Christianity: Christianity or Mormonism?

..."[Harry Reid's] religion’s a cult,” Pastor Reed said. “The Christian community—all the Christians, theologians and scholars, all recognize that, that Mormonism is a cult. I have books in my library on cults, and it lists Mormonism right there with all these bizarre cults. Well, there must be a reason. I mean, here a member of a cult is one of the most powerful people in the United States. Doesn’t that alarm you? And his allegiance is to Salt Lake City. Something is up with that. Something’s weird. But nobody touches that. … Harry Reid’s allegiance is to Salt Lake City. The Mormon church is rich, powerful, they do illegal things. They do secretive things. They’ve got all this money. They own American businesses. There’s weirdness going on there. Churches are not multi-millionaire organizations like the Mormon church. You know, there’s some weirdness with that, but nobody questions it, nobody asks one question to Harry Reid and says, ‘Tell us about your faith. What does a Mormon believe?’ Ask him about the holy garments that he wears that protect him from evil. Isn’t that kooky? Ask him about getting his body parts anointed by oil. Isn’t that kooky? Ask him about when he goes to the temple and he gets baptized for dead people. Isn’t that kooky? Ask him about the hit squad of the Mormon church and why they need people to kill Mormons that go against them. Isn’t that controlling? Ask him how they shun people, then they get their family members to disown them and divorce them if they dare leave the Mormon church. Isn’t that cultish? I mean, I could go on and on. The Mormon church is a cult, and Harry Reid is a powerful person in a cult, and nobody even questions it.

...Pastor Reed’s confidence in Angle is pronounced. He said he encouraged her to launch her political career by running for the legislature, and he truly believes her basic decency can change politics. “Very involved in the church in all different aspects,” he said of her role at Sonrise. “The sweetest, kindest—I mean, Snow White. There’s no dirt. I mean, everyone comes—‘Tell us the dirt.’ There’s no dirt on Sharron.”

...“The dirt’s on Harry Reid, you know—the whole Mormon thing. I could tell you the junk about Mormonism and the weird things that go on.”

As I have mentioned before, Mormons are the new Jews. There is a crusade to knock them out of politics and it goes to the highest circle, including Sharron Angle!

Video: Boyd K. Packer's Anti-'Gay Marriage' Sermon

Full text here! Listen to it in full context, not the snippet of quote Associated Press reports.


MTV Holds Auditions For Obama Townhall Meeting

Backstage calls for liberal plants at Viacom's MTV town hall:

"...casting the audience for a town hall meeting with President Obama. Shooting Oct. 14 at 4 p.m. in Washington, DC. Seeking—Audience Members... To ensure that the audience represents diverse interests and political views, include your name, phone number, hometown, school attending, your job and what issues, if any, you are interested in or passionate about. Also, provide a recent photo and short description of your political views."

I can't wait to see the diversity!


The Guardian's 'Mormon' Reporter Calls Mormon Church 'Harmful'

Guardian's Tresa Edmunds starts by falsely claiming that the church spent millions on Proposition 8.

The media is outraged over a recent claim by a Mormon leader that homosexuality is not caused by genetics. Phony Mormon Joanna Brooks at liberal Religion Dispatch is outraged that he didn't use a "measured tone."

But the outrage at the Guardian really takes the cake. Tresa Edmunds titles her anti-Mormon article Mormon church has set back progress on homosexuality. Just the title is wrong; doesn't she mean he set back progress on accepting homosexuality?

Edmunds says she "spent hours in prayer" and "deep meditation trying to find a place for both my belief and my conscience within this faith tradition." She then seems surprised that she wasn't disciplined for voting against proposition 8. How would the church know how she voted? Doesn't she know the church makes it very clear every voting cycle they they are free to vote how they want? Edmunds must know this, and seems to give the false impression that the church perhaps does punish people for how they vote.

Edmunds claims church leaders make gays feel like "the world had no place for them." She suggests that the church has no love for gay people. With these lies and hateful slanders against the church, it doesn't sound like Edmunds really digs her "faith tradition".

BBC 'Expert' Claims Israel Did 9/11

Former correspondant for BBC and ITN Alan Hart pushes the psychotic anti-Jew conspiracy theory that the World Trade Center was brought down by a controlled demolition. Jewish spies did it and peaceful Iran is next.


Washington Post Reporter: Glenn Beck Inspires Mormons With Secret Code For Rebellion

The new Jew is Mormons.

Radical liberal Dana Milbank of WaPo claims in her new book, the title of which has sexually graphic "Tea Bagging of America", that Glenn Beck inserts subvert messages to Mormons influencing them for an uprising. Liberal Huffington Post says Glenn Beck expects "a bloody end" to the conflict, "when the Constitution hangs by a thread, elders of the Mormon Church will step in -- on the proverbial white horse -- to save the country." "Then they take matters into their own hands."

This disgusting religious bigotry shows the true colors of liberal media. Sadly many young liberals are buying into this Nazi conspiracy theory that Mormons are secretly plotting to take over the United States. (BTW the prophesy Glenn Beck supposedly references is widely discredited as a phony among Mormons and not at all well known)


MSNBC Racism: 'Wonderbread' Glenn Beck 'Shamed' MLK

General Electric's propaganda channel NBC slurred Glenn Beck racially, claiming that he has no right to carry on Martin Luther King's legacy because he is white. Katrina vanden Heuvel of liberal Nation magazine made the remarks to prop up the radical communist One Nation rally at ultra-white MSNBC.

Virtually every media ignored the rampant communism promoted at the liberal rally Saturday. Anne Coulter noticed some racism though, of sorts:


Fox News Grills Meg Whitman's Liberal Accuser

UPDATE: Gloria Allred worked for Jerry Brown's Campaign! Gloria's smile quickly fades.

Still no mention of Gloria Allred's radical history with lawsuits....

Associated Press Omits Anti-Semitism From Sanchez Rant

Associated Press plays down the anti-Semitism in the infamous Rick "Anchorman" Sanchez rant that led to CNN finally firing him.

Anyone who listened to the rant understood the clear radical hate in his psychotic remarks, but Associated Press doesn't notice. AP only reports that Sanchez "questioned whether Jews should be considered a minority" on the liberal radio show. That isn't half of what happened.

Media Bias On MSNBC-Hyped Democrat Rallies

General Electric's propaganda channel MSNBC is running a rally to support Democrats today in Washington D.C. and the same liberal media that complained about Fox News' influence on Tea Parties doesn't seem to mind.

In fact the Associated Press filled its articles with slogans stolen from Glen Beck and attacks against Republicans. The liberal media slammed the 'racist' Tea Party rallies as Fox News propaganda yet omit any criticism of the media's influence in these socialist rallies, and of course no mention of racism or controversy.

It's a fraction the size of Glenn Beck's rally. AP at least admits it is "less dense."


Associated Press Is Being Financed By Rothschilds

When it filed bankruptcy earlier this year, Affiliated Media Inc. announced that it owed almost $1 billion debt to Bank of America. The liberal media isn't as profitable as it used to be apparently. AP includes 1,500 newspapers but Affiliated has the greatest interest and tops its board of directors.

Denver Business Journal reported that Affiliated lists "Rothschild Inc. as its financial advisor." Considering Rothchilds hold a vast majority of stock in Bank of America it is safe to say that's where they get their solid backing.

They list Carl Marks Advisory Group as restructuring advisor (is the name just coincidence?) They list as bankruptcy counsel Hughes Hubbard & Reed, which was founded by a Chief Justice and includes a Vice-Chair of Democratic National Committee.

AP's chairman William Dean Singleton founded MediaNews, whose parent is Affiliated Media. Singleton earns over $1 million annually, reports the Journal.

Obama Calls Himself Liberator Of Black Slaves and Women

"It took time to free the slaves, it took time for women to get to vote."

Earlier, Obama said: "In every instance, progress took time. In every instance, progress took sacrifice. Progress took faith. You know, the slaves sitting around a fire singing freedom songs, they weren’t sure when slavery would end but they understood it was going to end."

Children Beaten To Death At Chinese Web Addiction Camp

Instructors handcuffed him and then beat him to death with wood and plastic clubs. His parents lured him to attend the "addiction workcamp" by falsely telling him it was an IT school. No wonder liberal New York Times praises genocidal China. Those communist sure " move a society forward in the 21st century!"