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Arsonist Torches Mormon Meeting House Following 'Gay Marriage' Outrage

A Mormon Church near Seattle Washington was destroyed by an arsonist police say, causing at least $1.6 million damage and displacing hundreds of worshipers.

In search of the motive consider the ongoing outrage in the media over church leader Boyd K. Packer's remarks that homosexual tendencies can be overcome. Seattle has a large gay community and saw massive protests against Proposition 8, blaming largely Mormons.

The Seattle Times article headlined Mormon church targeted for Prop. 8 support. Looks like that hasn't changed. A Seattle Times article blaming Packer's remarks for teen suicides got this angry remark:

If there were a god, surely she would subject insidious, indignant, evil bast*rds like LDS and other homophobic fundies to an eternity of misery.

The Seattle Weekly also stepped up its bigoted attacks recently ridiculing Mormon sacred garments, posting an image of the garments and linking to an anti-Mormon hate site. A Seattle gay news site recently published lies about Mormons, lies that "make you angry". The Seattle site 'The Stranger' screamed Mormons "know all about doing violence to people's marriages" after an anti-Mormon documentary debuted at the Seattle International Film Festival.

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