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Associated Press Is Being Financed By Rothschilds

When it filed bankruptcy earlier this year, Affiliated Media Inc. announced that it owed almost $1 billion debt to Bank of America. The liberal media isn't as profitable as it used to be apparently. AP includes 1,500 newspapers but Affiliated has the greatest interest and tops its board of directors.

Denver Business Journal reported that Affiliated lists "Rothschild Inc. as its financial advisor." Considering Rothchilds hold a vast majority of stock in Bank of America it is safe to say that's where they get their solid backing.

They list Carl Marks Advisory Group as restructuring advisor (is the name just coincidence?) They list as bankruptcy counsel Hughes Hubbard & Reed, which was founded by a Chief Justice and includes a Vice-Chair of Democratic National Committee.

AP's chairman William Dean Singleton founded MediaNews, whose parent is Affiliated Media. Singleton earns over $1 million annually, reports the Journal.

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