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Associated Press Lies: O'Donnell 'Went On The Offensive'

AP apparently didn't see the same debate I saw! AP starts its radical liberal article with the claim: "Christine O'Donnell went on the offensive Wednesday, attacking Democrat Chris Coons as a career politician."

AP laughably claims that Coons "excelled as a debater in Amherst College." Not in this debate! Even CNN admitted "his scorn for O'Donnell was barely disguised. In the first statement of the night he called O'Donnell an "extremist." So who went on the offensive here??

Watch 2 minutes of this debate and the winner is clearly O'Donnell. Mediate gives an incredibly biased and false review, leaving out key points of the events and fabricating "booes" and "mouthed wows".

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Anonymous said...

Watched the whole thing. I was actually surprised how respectful both of them were to each other(comparatively, after watching the Whitman/Brown debates), but it was obvious that O'Donnell won this. She indeed put Coons on the defensive when she spoke about his record--is that what AP meant by her being on the offensive?