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CBS Lie: More Attended Jon Stewart's Rally Than Glenn Beck's

Despite obvious proof (above) that Glenn Beck's Restoring Honor rally had much larger crowds than Jon Stewart's Restoring Sanity crowd, CBS disagreed. CBS saw only 87,000 at Glenn's rally via My aerial photo analysis estimated over 1 million people.

CBS claims New York Times claims Viacom claims the Park Service claims "well over 200,000" attended Stewart's rally. This led Huffington Post and other leftist blogs to claim: "Sanity Rally attendance OBLITERATED Glenn Beck rally."

Not at all true, despite the hundreds of free bus rides provided by Huffington Post and other big-shot liberals. (photo: gateway punit)

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Anonymous said...

Metro rail ridership data show 315,000 more trips taken on the Stewart/Colbert rally day than the Beck rally day.

According to Metro, there were 825,437 on Stewart/Colbert day and 510,020 on Beck day. Average Saturday ridership is about 350,000 (both events were on a Saturday).

If you exclude the average daily riders, and assume two trips per person (one there, one back), that yields 80,010 for Beck and 237,718 for Stewart/Colbert.

This method corresponds to APL’s analysis of 87,000 for Beck and 215,000 for Stewart/Colbert. But don't let facts get in the way of ignorance.

Kind regards