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The Guardian's 'Mormon' Reporter Calls Mormon Church 'Harmful'

Guardian's Tresa Edmunds starts by falsely claiming that the church spent millions on Proposition 8.

The media is outraged over a recent claim by a Mormon leader that homosexuality is not caused by genetics. Phony Mormon Joanna Brooks at liberal Religion Dispatch is outraged that he didn't use a "measured tone."

But the outrage at the Guardian really takes the cake. Tresa Edmunds titles her anti-Mormon article Mormon church has set back progress on homosexuality. Just the title is wrong; doesn't she mean he set back progress on accepting homosexuality?

Edmunds says she "spent hours in prayer" and "deep meditation trying to find a place for both my belief and my conscience within this faith tradition." She then seems surprised that she wasn't disciplined for voting against proposition 8. How would the church know how she voted? Doesn't she know the church makes it very clear every voting cycle they they are free to vote how they want? Edmunds must know this, and seems to give the false impression that the church perhaps does punish people for how they vote.

Edmunds claims church leaders make gays feel like "the world had no place for them." She suggests that the church has no love for gay people. With these lies and hateful slanders against the church, it doesn't sound like Edmunds really digs her "faith tradition".


Janet Garrard-Willis said...

Your tone is far more incendiary than either Edmunds' or Brooks' and reveals more about you than it does about either of them.

So far as following church protocol is concerned, one might question why a blogger claiming orthodoxy seems to have assumed stewardship responsibilities offering him the right to call for excommunication of a woman he apparently has never met.

Dr B said...

I have taken out that part. Indeed I have no right to judge if someone deserves excommunication and that was never my intent.

Anonymous said...

a chick with a hyphenated name getting pissed off about something petty...never seen that happen before.