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Bigotry at Religion Dispatches: Mormons display 'paranoid partisan rhetorical ugliness'

Anti-Mormon published a nasty hit piece with supposedly-Mormon, supposedly-funny Matt Workman imploring Mormons to "Take It Down a Notch for America” This Election Season."

Why? Well Mormonism is already "best known for its association with Glenn Beck, Cleon Skousen, and ultra-cons." We should stop being racists because "they’re not illegal immigrants, people; they’re “Lamanites." We should stop calling "people we disagree with Hitler.” And "the Holy Ghost gets a contact rash from extremist political rhetoric."

Religion Dispatches recently claimed Glenn Beck cries to show his Mormon masculinity. This is part of the "peculiar strand of religious political conservatism rooted in, and once isolated to, the Mormon culture."

Most famously, author Joanna Brooks claimed Twilight secretly promotes Mormonism and expressed concern that young impressionable audiences will "consume trace amounts of Mormon theologies of the family recast through vampire lore."

The other author of this slime, Matt Workman, said Mormons marrying in their early 20s is a "far more unnatural sexual practice" than gay marriage.

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Anonymous said...

Concerned, yes, but not paranoid. Partisan? Yeah, Harry Reid must be a closet Republican. And who is spouting the ugly rhetoric? I'm sick of these lies and hypocrisy.