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Tax-Funded NPR Spreads Anti-Mormon Book Smearing 'Tea Bagging' Glenn Beck

Your tax dollars at work. National Public Radio reviews a book by a Washington Post reporter which falsely claims Glenn Beck inspires Mormons to rebel with secret codes.

The Nazii-like conspiracy theory is at least corrected by NPR. They admit that "only a handful of members" of the church are aware of the prophesy that Glenn Beck allegedly referenced (I doubt he even meant to reference it). They also correct the imagery of violence promoted by the bigoted Washington Post author, admitting that "it doesn't sound like a violent thing."

As further evidence that Glenn Beck is secretly spreading Mormonism, they claim that he "talks about a God of miracles." Boy, that's just awful, isn't it??

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Of course, no other religion mentions a "God of miracles". Such inflammatory language from the Mormons!