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Breaking Video Confirms Associated Press Spread Edited Video Of Rand Paul Incident

This fake controversy involves a radical worker disguising herself as a white-racist and holding up incendiary signs in front of Rand Paul. When her movements became aggressive, a supporter stepped in and took her down. The liberal media circulated an EDITED video of the event to falsely implicated Rand Paul supporters. Remember when liberals complained about edited videos taking things out of context??

Here is AP's edited video:

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Anonymous said...

This whole thing is ridiculous. I don't condone the actions of the shoulder stomper, but the woman was asking for it. She was obviously trying to elicit a physical response. Plus, by the look of the video, she physically assaulted Rand Paul when she shoved the sign into his face. His reaction clearly showed that he had been physically assaulted when he tried to get away from her and roll up the window. This woman is not the innocent victim the media made her out to be.