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Associated Press Slams Boehner As 'Weepy', 'Got Hankies?'


Got hankies? The next speaker is a weeper.

If soon-to-be-ousted House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is known for her steely smile and composure, her replacement, John Boehner, has a reputation for tearing up.

It starts with a quaver in the Ohio Republican's voice. Then there's a pregnant pause as he tries — usually unsuccessfully — to keep his feelings in check. Soon, he's choking out words in a rush of emotion, shaking his head and waving his hands as he tries to pull himself together.

Boehner wept only once, on voting night. But AP claims he does this all the time. AP only describes this one incident correctly. AP dramatically describes the event in a rather over-the-top mocking attack:

Boehner held it together until he got to the spot in his speech when he spoke of his humble origins as one of 12 children in a working-class family.

Then he started to lose it as he told the election-night rally, "I've spent my whole life chasing the American dream."

Soon he was pursing his lips and pressing a fist to his mouth as he tried to regain his cool while telling the crowd: "I put my — myself through school — working — every rotten job there was — and every night shift job I could find."...

It was vintage Boehner to those who know him.... His "Hell no" tirade against the president's health care overhaul went viral on YouTube.

Ah! So now we know what this is about. It's simple ridicule against anyone who opposes Obama's socialism! AP falsely reporters that he broke down in tears on other occasions:

Boehner's also choked up over the government's bailout of banks, abortion legislation and other issues.

(He's not much a movie-watcher, so no word on how he fares during tear-jerkers like "Casablanca.")...

Political psychologist Stanley Renshon says it appears that "the idea of women as the fairer sex is slowly fading."

So now he is a woman because he cried?? Was this article written by a college frat house??? Can we ever talk about the issues? Any mention that Boehner will fly commercial while Pelosi flew her family around luxuriously in Air Force jumbo jets?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Compared with the cold-hearted conniving suit that is Nancy Pelosi, I'll take a weeper any day.