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Fox Lies About Mormons With Phony Statistics: 'Suicide Rate Disturbingly High'

Local Fox news station KSAZ covered up the Mesa Mormon Christmas lighting ceremony with a despicable propaganda piece that spread ugly and brazen lies about the religion.

At the same time the LDS church turns on 600,000 Christmas lights Friday night at the Mesa temple, the group lit candles and snuffed them out. The gesture symbolizes gay Mormons who have committed suicide, and is a call for tolerance and acceptance.

Fox assumes that around 600,000 Mormons committed suicide because they were gay, but no where in the article do they provide a single statistic about gay Mormnos. Fox illogically assumes that gay Mormons commit suicide because: "Arizona's suicide rate is one-third higher than the national average, and the state also has a large population of Mormons, so based on the numbers inferences can be made."

Yes, you read that right.

Fox goes on to make ridiculous assumptions about how many Mormons are gay: "People who support the outreach program say Arizona has about 400,000 Mormons, and based on population statistics, roughly 40,000 are gay." So a radical gay group falsely claims 10% of the population is gay... and that means there must be 40,000 gay Mormons in Arizona?? Suicide rates were 4 times higher among males than females; so does that mean 4 times more males are gay than females?? Does Belarus have 3 times more gays than the United States?

FOX 10 goes on to attack the Mormon church as intolerant and hateful: "Gay people say the Mormon church considers them sinners and has no place for them.... "You know it is not me that has a problem, it is the church that has a problem with who I am."

But gay current and former church members say, suicides among gay Mormons will not decline until the LDS church stops considering homosexuality a sin.""

Fox points to Utah's high suicide rate to implicate Mormonism, but Utah actually has a smaller suicide rate than Wyoming, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Colorado, and Idaho. So it would seem that as Mormonism is more present, the lower the suicide rate! That's because active Mormons are 7 times less likely to commit suicide than inactive members.

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