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Debunking the Fox News, CBS, Drudge Explanation For The CA Missile Launch: Flight 808

Fox News, CBS,, Drudge Report and many others give a phony explanation from Time to Think blog that falls on its face upon closer examination.

He gives a screenshot of the launch from 36 St. Newport Beach webcam. This image proves that the "missile" shot up from south of Catalina Island and arced north-west. The only conceivable way it could be an airliner is if the plane approached the coast from the south-east. The blogger got mixed up with directions, falsely assuming the contrail would head to the right (west).

See my map below:

Now let's add the flightpath for 808 on the map. As it approached the coast from Hawaii on its course east toward Phoenix, the contrail would have arced up and toward the left of the webcam screen. The plane is moving in a very wrong direction!!!

Why would the plane be so low in the middle of a long flight? The full glint of its reflection (or the rocket fire) was plain in the video, it had to have been at a low altitude. The LAX airport is close by, but we have he same arc-direction problem with any plane coming from there. The smoking gun is a Navy notice on Nov. 6 that they would be firing missiles off the coast. Also, does the date 11/9 perhaps mean anything, the day before this event?

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