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Government/Media Covers Up Interceptor Missile Launch Off California Coast

NORAD and NORTHCOM claims it was just an airplane. San Francisco Examiner and other media try to cover it up with this same explanation, with "Southern California's top meteorologist" and "director of" claiming that 'it was an “incredibly obvious” optical illusion and was not a missile launch but a contrail from a airplane.' You can see bright rocket fire shooting out and quickly spreading exhaust plume originating from the ocean, nothing like an airliner or its contrail.

A source in Central California tells me that around the same time as this launch a loud sonic boom was heard across the Central Valley as fighter jets scrambled from Edwards Air Force Base. They flew toward Los Angeles.

Was this an interceptor missile for some trans-atlantic missile launch by China or some other hostile nation? Was it a large scale test run? Whatever it was, the government is working hard to cover it up!

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Anonymous said...

Whatever it is, several people are triangulating Point Mugu, a major missile and development and test facility of the Navy, as the source. There is also a US carrier warship doing exercises right now off the coast of San Diego that could be involved. This has military written all over it, which also means they don't have to reveal anything.