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Homeland Dept. Seizes 77 Websites For 'Copyright Infringment'

Congress recently gave Big Brother power to seize websites at will, and wasting no time, the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) division recently seized 77 domains. Not for child porn, not for terrorism, not for anything having to do with immigration or customs... for torrents.

Some of these sites were seized simply for offering searches of torrents, legal and illegal, much like any search engine like Google does. Torrent-Finder doesn't actually host anything illegal itself. A Clinton-era law allows them to shut down any website without a court order.

While children are getting groped and strip-searched in airports, and illegal aliens will get free tuition in California, the Immigration Enforcement and Homeland Security choose to protect big-shot media companies. Big Brother.

Pirate Bay was fined $6.5 million for big-shot media companies. The founders were also sentenced to about a year in prison by the liberal Swedish courts.

The big media companies who had handed out thousands upon thousands of lawsuits that were dismissed for being a 'pay-up-or-else scheme' recently sued lawyers who dared defend torrenters. The "completely insane" lawsuits from the US Copyright Group obviously seek to intimidate.

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Anonymous said...

Illegal torrents are simply shoplifting via the internet, not really different from committing online identity theft or credit card fraud, essentially robbing companies, individuals, entrepreneurs. I'm glad the government is finally cracking down on this burglary.