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Hartford Courant Calls Invasive Screening An Increase In Our Liberty

Who should we be blaming? Republicans and Democrats are both to blame for this out of control government power:

Shortly after 9/11, Congress addressed the issue of airport security. Senator Ernest Hollings, D-SC, sponsored the Senate version of this legislation, S. 1447. Congressman Don Young, R-AK, sponsored the House version, H.R. 3150. While I would not call Congressman Young any knight in shining armor, and while he was noted for his liberal stance on union issues, one of the major differences between his House version of this legislation and the Senate version was that it allowed airport screeners to be contractor employees. The Senate version federalized all screeners. Bush supported the House version. -(Liberty Musings Blog)

Obviously the media loves the dangerous x-ray machines and TSA agents molesting children and women. Hartford Courant remarks:

"I can't believe some folks think this is the debate we should be having when we left liberty on the side of the road way back in the Bush Adminstration. Actually, I think the scans do a better job of making me feel better about flying than the two waste-of-lives-and-money wars we are fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan. -(Hartford Courant)"

Fighting terrorists on their own ground is a loss of our liberty (the Iraq war still happens under Saint Obama). Groping old women and young children at airports and blasting radiation saves us from terrorists! Got it?

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Anonymous said...

We're going about this all wrong. One way or another, terrorists are going to find a way to get explosives where they want them. It's just a matter of time and creativity. The answer is to hit the problem where it starts. Destroy terrorists in their homeland before they even get the opportunity. No mistakes like the prolonged Iraq war; that is, no occupying, no getting involved. Send the message by simply decimating them. It will save more lives in the end.