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WACO: Clinton's Second Massacre Of Innocent Civilians, and the Media Coverup

In 1993, the DTA arrived at a Christian sect with a warrant because of rumors of illegal weapons. Witnesses say the DTA immediately knocked down the front door and shot at men, women, and children inside. The DTA's version of events can not be verified because they destroyed all videos and evidence of this event. This atrocity began a series of atrocities against Christians, aided by a smear campaign in the media against David Koresh and coverup of the true version of events. Here is the story you never heard:

FBI restricted the media a large distance from the compound so they couldn't see what was going on. Photos show Davidians hanging large posters out the windows pleading for media exposure. What the media couldn't see was FBI agents flashing their privates at the women and children in the building and flipping them off. In tapes of the incident, an FBI negotiator admits this. Agents desecrated the bodies of those they killed, blasted loud music and light, and cut off vital power, food and water.

Infraspection Institute had videos and eye-witness accounts of FBI teams shooting fatal rounds into the building and trampling people with tanks as they attempted to escape the burning building. But it was covered up by 60 Minutes, their client. Recovered bodies of the Davidians show multiple gunshots and mutilations. A leaked letter from 60 minutes:

"It was obvious to me on several occasions that there was gunfire or automatic weapon discharge, seemingly fired toward the building from the outer perimeter... due to the potentially sensitive nature of this material and the resulting negative repercussions to Infrascpection, we are choosing to decline any further comment surrounding this taped incident and our subsequent professional opinions regarding it's viewing... There were occasions on the video that seemed to appear as though people were entering, exiting or being run over by an armored vehicle. "

The government has admitted that Delta Force military teams illegally took part in Waco. The same sniper who shot a defenseless woman holding a baby on Ruby Ridge led the firing squad at Waco, Lon Horiuchi. The Oklahoma City bomber, who bombed the federal building on the anniversary of Waco, published the address of Horiuchi in a plea for someone to kill him.

The FBI gassed the women and children with concentrated amounts of fatally poisonous and flammable CS gases in excess of 6 hours. After the fire broke out, the gas changed in a chemical reaction into the same gas used to execute inmates. Contortions of the muscles in the bodies indicate cyanide poison was also used. Video shows teams shooting into the only exits from the burning building. A gaping hole in a reinforced concrete ceiling were the women and children hid bends inward, indicating that the a fireball originated from outside the building.

Video shows the flash of the fire igniting. Another covered up 60 minutes report noticed "... a "flash" or pyrotechnic explosion of one of the buildings" which caused the fire. Pyrotechnic projectiles from the FBI were recovered near both fires and video confirms the firing of these weapons and machine gun fire from the FBI caused the fires.

The FBI hasn't allow access to crucial evidence, such as that alleged illegal weapons found at the scene. Video tapes of the scene were illegally confiscated by police. Notes, videos, and other evidence of crucial moments are missing. Five videos and multiple written accounts documented the initial shootout that caused the stand-off, but not one single piece of evidence exists.

Despite this lack of evidence, many members of the surviving Davidians were illegally sentenced to over 30 years in prison for murder, without a jury. They have been promptly silenced. Pay careful attention to the members of Congress in the reviews, both Democrat and Republicans, who seek to cover up all this! Clinton adviser Vince Foster was killed, officially called a suicide, because he started expressing regret for his role in this. Orders for the massacre came directly from Hillary Clinton.

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