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Will Obama's $10 Billion Deal With India Really Create Jobs In America?

How soon we forget!

Another big thank you to the Socialist media, MSNBC owner General Electric gets a big chunk of the $10 billion deal with India. I wouldn't mind, except the claim is that this will create American jobs. This claim is incredulous considering Obama's previous $25 million promptly outsourced more jobs to India.

Classic! Classic bait and switch! Obama claims 50,000 new jobs in the United States during his lavish and extremely costly vacation


Anonymous said...

Will Tata Motors get a share of the $10 billion to start offering vehicles in the US market like their $2,500 Nano car? They already produce Jaguar automobiles. What a better way to drop the share price of Government Motors(GM) after it posts its upcoming IPO.

Jess said...

He probably went over there to beg them to buy our bonds since China doesn't want to anymore.