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'Anonymous' Attacks Paypal, Their Own Donation Service??

It strikes me as strange that the 'hacker' group Anonymous launches this Ddos attack against Paypal, among others for their unethical actions against Wikileaks, when they use paypal to collect donations.

The Why We Protest site gives this statement that: "Anonymous is not a single cohesive group of people. No single person or group of people is representative of "Anonymous" as a whole. Anonymous has no official membership, and has no official guidelines and no officials. There is no controlling entity and no unifying principles... WWP is NOT a staging ground for any sort of illegal activity against any party. WWP does not condone or promote any illegal activities."

I have also seen the name 4chan, but I can't find anything implicating them on their site... How is "Operation Payback" being organized? Plenty of outrage and threats, but nothing like schedules, ddos propgrams, etc.

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