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Associated Press Falsely Reports DREAM Act Excludes Criminal Immigrants

AP is overjoyed with the House's passage of the $6.2 Billion "Dream Act", which will give illegal aliens special federal benefits for tuition and work study. AP lies when it reports "The legislation would provide legal residency to undocumented young people who ... have no criminal record."

The cut off age is 35, so this isn't really about young people. And it will give amnesty to "undocumented" illegals with criminal records. The Dream Act's homepage admits there is no standard for excluding criminals:

"While the DREAM Act has not outlined specific guidelines of what “good moral character” should be, it can be characterized as being a law-abiding resident of the United States. This list may or may not be a comprehensive, however, it is a good way to gauge one’s moral character. For example, some students may have committed minor crimes such as misdemeanors before they turned 18; those minor incidents may not hinder their application process for Conditional Permanent Residency as much as being convicted of a felony would. However, since there are no guidelines, we cannot be 100% positive on which crimes would impact one’s application." (

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