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Associated Press Praises Obama's 'Progress' As America Falls

The media is pealing with glee over "comeback kid" Obama's recent victories. Associated Press calls it a season of progress. Obama caved into the Republicans' tax cuts (in exchange for hand-outs to his liberal elite funders), and he let the gays show their gay pride in the military. As if that means something. With only this Obama declares mission accomplished. The government media trumpets this, and the brainwashed public cheers.

Our economy is still tanking, we still have double digit unemployment, we still have skyrocketing debt that can never get paid off, we have a disappearing military, we have increasing hatred among liberals for Christians, we have an increasingly emboldened Muslim mafia, we have a stronger drug mafia, we have more illegals coming in and stealing jobs. Liberal entitlement doctrine is increasing and causing more polarization and hatred in our society. Corporations are gaining power, regulating the internet now, and our government is creating WTF (Wikileaks Task Force) and concentrating on music pirates at the industrty's behest instead of doing their job. People are more miserable, more poor, and more brainwashed to love their dear monarchy.

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