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Associated Press Spins the Spin Meter: Falsely Claims Republicans Oppose Americans' Views

The Associated Press loves to play a bait-and-switch. They falsely call Obamacare's end-of-life counseling sessions death panels. It is despicable that Democrats want to counsel old people to end their lives. But the real death panel is the Comparative Effectiveness Research Council that limits healthcare to undesirables without anyone's authorization. The AP obscures the issue by changing the definition of death panels.

But the AP continues the attack on Republians with a Spinmeter that spins away from the truth... falsely claiming that a Republican Congress "charts its own course." Republicans indeed didn't live up to their campaign promises to conservatives, but AP hits them on the left not right.

AP- "Congress' approval of a compromise between President Barack Obama and congressional GOP leaders renewing expiring tax cuts for everyone, despite broad public opposition to including people earning over $250,000. An Associated Press-CNBC Poll in late November found only 34 percent wanted taxes reduced for the richest Americans."

AP doesn't link to this poll, but the recent CNBC poll I found shows vast support for Bush's tax cuts: "A majority of the respondents believe the Bush tax cuts should be extended, even for people making more than $250,000 a year. Fifty-five percent think increasing taxes on any Americans will slow the economy and kill jobs." This is in direct contradiction to liberal AP's claim, a complete lie.
AP- "Democrats' struggle before Congress finally repealed the prohibition against gays serving openly in the military. An ABC News-Washington Post poll this month showed 77 percent favored ending the ban"

Congress didn't actually repeal dadt, they only made it possible. The vote actually had large Republican support and some Democrat opposition.
AP- "The failure of Democrats to approve the Dream Act, which would have helped many young illegal immigrants become citizens if they attend college or join the military. A Gallup Poll this month found 54 percent support for the measure."

The Dream act would give legal status to anyone up to age 35 and with criminal records according to its own site. So it's not really for young people. A "slight majority" may support the idea of giving young people legal status, but this bill wasn't limited to young children of illegals.

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