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Illegal Aliens More Charitable Than Americans: Associated Press

Is it charity if you do it for publicity? Don't ask the Associated Press.

Any mention of "illegal" or "law breaking" is carefully avoided. No statistic on how much of the prison system is occupied by illegals, the gang violence, etc. Of course no mention of Christmas. This is holiday community service.

We get a tear-jerker about "undocumented" victims who are "literally shedding blood for the cause." Okay, they aren't shedding blood at all, they are calling up the liberal media and asking them to write a story about how charitable they are.

AP claims this is proof that they already "perform community service and are good citizens".... coincidentally right before the $6.2 Billioin Dream Act gets voted on. This is the same exact story as those "victimized" gays who performed community service ahead of the Proposition 8 vote... and haven't been heard of since.

Oh, but the saintly acts don't stop with donating blood: "In addition to donating blood, student immigrants are volunteering at homeless shelters and donating turkeys at holiday food drives."

But here's the grand finale! John Kerry, the biggest phony of all, claims this fake goodwill by Latino illegals is greater than Americans' goodwill.

"U.S. Sen. John Kerry, D-Mass., said the students "are reminding everyone what it really means to be an American."

"Only three in a hundred Americans will ever donate blood despite the need, but these kids are living out the real full measure of citizenship," he said. "They're living, breathing testimony of the importance of passing the DREAM Act."...

Orozco said illegal immigrant students have nothing in common with criminals and the immigrants are just seeking to go to college or join the military.

AP forgets to mention that Jerry Brown promised to give free tuition to illegal aliens. Courtesy of taxpayers.

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