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China Launches Fresh Crackdown As Anti-Nobel Peace Price Winner Doesn't Show Up

China announced a Confucius Peace Prize as part of their effort to ban Nobel Peace Prizes, which includes main trade partners such as Iraq, Russia, and Saudi Arabia. The communist nation is in a huff because a human rights activist illegally under arrest in the country recently won a Nobel. An astounding 19 countries stood behind China's contempt for human rights.

But the winner of China's Confucius prize didn't even show up!.

This put China in even more of a huff, and they started arresting friends of Nobel prize-winning Liu Xiaobo. Hundreds have been secretly arrested and thrown into torture camps. China also stepped up arrests of bloggers. A 15 year old was recently put into a camp for calling the communist party "prostitutes."

Also... Democrats give US stimulus money to China in unethical bids for phony green projects.

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