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Disabled Slaves Forced To Work In Chinese Factories, Regularly Beaten

Mentally disabled are forced to eat dog food and beaten for mistakes. Maybe China's forced abortion is a good thing?

"Eleven disabled people were forced to work in slave-like conditions at the Jiaersi Green Construction Material Chemical Factory in Xinjiang, newspapers reported recently. The plant is now shut down after police moved in, but many wonder how this could go on for so long, especially in the wake of the Shanxi scandal of 2007 and the government’s repeated claims of success in the fight against this modern form of slavery.

Press reports said that the 11 workers at the building materials plant put in long hours, suffered regular beatings and were given the same food as the dogs. None were paid, some for up to four years. Anyone trying to flee the factory was routinely beaten.

According to factory owner Li Xinglin, the workers were legally contracted to work at the facility by an aid agency for the disabled based in Sichuan."(

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