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Obama Allies With Brazil's Marxist Guerilla President

Dilma Rousseff taught Marxism in High School and was active in the terrorist group Command of National Liberation, where she helped in assassinations, bombings, thefts, and bank robberies. Her specific duty was to oversee the weapons cache used in the murders.

Today Obama congratulated her on her victory and seeks "exploring new areas of collaboration" with her on many Socialist "global growth" issues such as Global Warming.

Earlier this afternoon, President Obama called Dilma Rousseff, President-elect of Brazil, to congratulate her on her historic victory in yesterday’s election. He commended the people of Brazil for their faith and commitment to democracy. He also underscored the excellent working relationship between the United States and Brazil, and his commitment to deepening this cooperation and exploring new areas of collaboration.

President Obama told President-elect Rousseff that he looks forward to meeting with her soon, and working more closely on areas such as clean energy, global growth, reconstruction assistance for Haiti, collaborative development efforts, and other issues of global importance.

New Zeal reports Hugo Chavez of Venezuela, leftist Argentine President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner and Mexico's Felipe Calderon were among other Socialists to call her that day.

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