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Poll Falsely Finds That Fox News Viewers Most Misinformed

The liberal media is frothing over a World Public Opinion poll that concludes Fox News viewers are most misinformed. Let's look at just the first few questions on that poll. They reveal a liberal bias in the pollster's conclusions:

Most economists who have studied it estimate that the stimulus legislation saved or created a few jobs or caused job losses

Fox leads for the number of viewers who think Obama's stimulus created few jobs. A look at the actual unemployment numbers show Fox viewers are most correct. Unemployment numbers are higher than what they would have been without the Stimulus plan.

Among economists who have estimated the effect of the health reform law on the federal budget deficit over the next ten years, more think it will increase the deficit

The Congressional Budget Office claims Obamcare will cut the deficit, but their math leaves out $124 billion in costs. This is why experts expect Obamacare to increase the deficit. Again, Fox viewers are correct.

Presently, the US economy is getting worse

How was the economy early November, when this poll was conducted? The experts came to this consensus:

The private sector maintains its momentum in the recovery but that momentum is too little to overcome other formidable obstacles. The result is that economic growth is subdued and job creation stays sluggish. The unemployment rate is therefore still high and families are experiencing massive financial distress as foreclosures and credit defaults hover near record highs. (

Again, Fox viewers were correct. Next quest about global warming is so controversial it is just ridiculous to say someone is misinformed for thinking it is phony:

Most scientists think climate change is not occurring + views are divided evenly

1 comment:

Who is John Galt? said...

So what the study really determined is that Fox News viewers don't believe the crap that liberals say is true. They spent how much of our tax dollars figuring that out?