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Time Mag Covers Up Judge's Conflict Of Interest In Proposition 8

Prop 8 supporters filed papers late Wednesday asking Reinhardt to recuse himself since his wife, a long-time leader of Southern California's ACLU chapter, had worked to defeat the ballot initiative. It's unlikely his wife's activism, however, would require Reinhardt to step aside. Indeed, Reinhardt wasted no time rebuffing the attempt, and issued an order first thing Thursday morning dismissing the motion to disqualify him.

What Time won't admit is that Ripsto's organization filed two friend-of-the-court briefs asking to overturn Proposition 8.

That isn't just activism, that is complete involvement in the specific case. The very definition of conflict of interest. But in a case where Governor Schwarzenbackstabber and Jerry Brown refuse to do their constitutional duty, it's no wonder that corruption runs rampant. Associated Press doesn't even mention the issue.

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