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US Fed Lies To Illegally Seize 82 Internet Domains

TorrentFreak investigates the phony claims that led to the seizure of "piracy" websites, without only an MPAA order, no court order:

To start off the affidavit shows that the authorities worked closely with the MPAA, and the movie industry lobby group is cited multiple times to confirm various claims. In addition, a highly disputed MPAA study is used to signify the severity of movie piracy, despite the fact that it was called into doubt by the Government Accountability Office just a few months ago...

he sites are described by Homeland Security’s Special Agent Reynolds as being among the most popular of their kind, but in the case of we can easily list a few dozen BitTorrent sites that have more visitors...

Torrent-Finder does not catalog or collect any files, it simply allows people to search several torrent search engines or indexes. Also, these other torrent search engines do not host any copyrighted material either, but only torrent files that may or may not point to copyrighted content.

Another claim from Homeland Security’s Special Agent Reynolds is that the news section on the site was another indication that Torrent-Finder was aiding criminal copyright infringement... Not only have two of the four articles nothing to do with pirated content, the ones that do are news items that do not link to torrent files or any copyrighted files...

Here, Special Agent Reynolds described how the site can be used to download torrent files from external sites. Although the description itself is fairly accurate, the same section would also apply to every other search engine including Google and Bing. Downloading torrents via Torrent-Finder involves exactly the same steps as downloading torrents via a web search engine, nothing more nothing less.

Another part of the affidavit that stands out is the fact that the proposed seizure has not been carried out properly. According to the affidavit, the authorities should present the warrant to both the registrar (Godaddy) and the registry (Verisign). The registrar would then have to replace the domain name’s technical and administrative contacts with that of the authorities, but this never happened.

This is more journalism than what you'll get from the bigshot media, who are themselves controlled by the same MPAA powers!

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