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Why Did The Liberal Media Falsely Report 'Don't Ask Don't Tell' Was Repealed?

The Associated Press called the repeal of the gay ban in the military by Congress a political rebound against the "staunchly partisan... ascendant GOP" for President Obama.

But Dadt was never actually repealed! According to the bill, someone must first prove inclusion of gays "must not affect troop readiness, cohesion or military recruitment and retention." This wrangling will likely cause huge restrictions in gays' roles in the military as top commanders are against it. AIM reports 32% of marines will leave the service if gays are openly admitted, they say.

The bill gives 60 days of what the New York Times calls "procedural steps" for this debate to take place. AP doesn't mention this at all. It will take place under a Republican dominated Congress and likely result in very limited 'gay rights' in the military. You can bet the Associated Press will be shocked then!

Why is the media falsely reporting that Dadt was repealed? So they can blame Republicans when it turns out to be false later.

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