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Associated Press Accidently Debunks Chinese 'Stealth Jet' As Fake

Wall Street Journal provides those photos of China's new J-20 'stealth fighter'. Associated Press strangely neglects to provide the photos. But take a look at the photo they did provide, from AFP. I compare it with the actual photo (which they did not provide):

The surfaces don't look any smoother and the joints don't look any more seamless than a normal jet fighter. Wing edges, normal. The engines are close like a stealth F-22's, but the exhaust ducts appear to be at the very tail of the jet, not at the top.

Here's the recent Lockheed stealth F-22. The angles are curved, the joints very smooth, wing edges rounded. The engines very close to the body and the rear exhaust is covered from the bottom view.

^- flickr/cc license ^flamesworddragon- flickr/cc license
Just another Chinese hoax.

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