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Associated Press ALMOST Admits Gay Purge Is Behind Navy Captian Firing

AP can't figure out why the Navy waited four years to notice a supposedly "pornographic" video which had gay slurs. They trace the discipline back to Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. He claims no one even knew about the infamous videos.

(AP) According to the Pentagon, Defense Secretary Robert Gates and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Adm. Mike Mullen weren't aware of the videos until this week. They were said to have left any disciplinary action up to the Navy.

Turns out Mullens was a leading force behind "gay rights" in the military and has a history of ignoring military problems related to homosexuality (such as the Wikileaks dump)

(AP) A conservative group that has previously clashed with Adm. Mullen on his support to repeal the "don't ask, don't tell" ban seized on the latest incident on Tuesday. The group accused the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of turning a blind eye to discipline problems that, they say, will make openly gay service difficult.

Mullen was chief of naval operations when the videos were made.

He was the chief of naval operations. He led the crusade for "gay rights", and he wasn't even aware of the infamous video??? New York Times reveals him as a radical liberal extremist who rebelled against Rumsfeld and whose parents worked in the liberal Hollywood media:

(NYT) Over the course of 2008, Admiral Mullen sought advice from the retired generals who revolted against former Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld, reached out to the former Army chief who was vilified for saying more troops were needed in Iraq and invited to dinner prominent Democrats like Gregory B. Craig, Mr. Obama’s choice for White House counsel. His efforts may have been an attempt to soothe the military after the cataclysmic Mr. Rumsfeld, or an anticipation of a change of administration — or both.

Admiral Mullen, the son of a former Hollywood press agent whose clients included Anthony Quinn and Julie Andrews, has a world view that friends say is closer to that of Mr. Obama than to Mr. Bush. As the man in charge of training and equipping the military, Admiral Mullen’s desire to ease the strain on forces fighting on two fronts may well dovetail with Mr. Obama’s desire to draw down American troops in Iraq.

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