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Associated Press: Obama's 'Striking Concessions' To Republicans

(AP) "But there were also some striking concessions from President Barack Obama in the name of national unity.

Yet AP can only list one, his determination to tackle the giant national debt, and even that is phony. His outline to cut spending barely scratches the soaring debt:

Obama agrees that tackling trillion-dollar-plus annual deficits is a national priority — but a long-range one, not one that needs to be taken on with the unemployment rate stubbornly stuck above 9 percent. He proposed extending for another two years the three-year partial freeze of domestic programs he suggested last year and also called for military spending cuts.

Boy, what a compromise! "I just won't accelerate my spending!"

AP falsely claims that Obama focused on ""investments" in education and infrastructure such as roads and bridges and increased competitiveness. In other words, more selective government spending and more sales of U.S. goods and services abroad."

Actually Obama focused on "green" jobs based on the global warming myth. This comes as no surprise as General Electric, the head of the green jobs myth, takes over the White House economics panel.

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