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Obama's Fib At Arizona 'Pep Rally': Covered-Up by Associated Press

AP mentions the free shirts handed out at yesterday's "memorial service" and some conservatives' criticism that it sounded like a pep rally.

(AP) To observers, the crowed was spontaneous. They cheered when the two trauma surgeons who treated Rep. Gabrielle Giffords entered and were shown on the overhead screen. As the camera would focus on other individuals thrust into the spotlight after the shooting, the crowd would go wild, whether it was the first responders, the woman who grabbed the alleged gunman's ammunition, the intern who helped Giffords. In some cases, the person would wave to the camera.

AP lists all these cheers... When Obama mentioned that Rep. Giffords had just opened her eyes for the first time the crowd cheered the loudest. Why didn't AP mention that? Maybe because it wasn't true.

No mention of booes for Republican Gov. Brewer from liberals in the crowd. Without this evidence it is easy for AP to insist that the excessive cheering was genuine.

(AP) First lady Michelle Obama wiped tears from her eyes. Families of the victims held each other close as speakers shared personal memories of their loved ones.

The president himself appeared taken aback at the sustained applause he received after his remarks. He waved quickly to the crowd as he left the stage, stood with his head down as the crowd continued to cheer, then reached for his wife, and kissed her several times on the cheek.

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