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Hawaii bans prayers in Senate, Associated Press falsely suggests it promotes individual freedom

The first order of business for Hawaii's new Democrat legislature was to ban religious prayers in the State Senate. The Associated Press claims that it results from a threat by the ACLU, and legal advising from the state attorney general that prayer "wouldn't survive a likely court challenge." This is the same Democrat attorney general who crusades for the "constitutional right" of Socialized healthcare.

AP admits that the Supreme Court already handled this issue and ruled that the prayers were legal, but still complains that the prayers may violate the law that "the government can't display a preference for one particular sect or creed." Prayers should only be allowed if "as long as they don't mention a specific deity or religion."

But the prayers only come from "members of the community to speak on any topic of their choosing." Obviously that doesn't display a preference for one particular religion. The ACLU lies when they claim "decidedly Christian prayers - with reference to Jesus Christ."

There is nothing that raises Christianity above other religions here, yet AP only mentions "Christian lawyers" defending the prayers.

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