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Associated Press Blames State's Rights For Tucson Shooting- just like I said they would!

Immediately after the shooting I discovered alleged criminal conspiracies connecting slain Judge Roll with Janet Napolitano with illegal efforts to diminish states rights, and predicted that this tragedy would become an immigration debate, as they both teamed up to bolster federal power over immigration recently.

The Associated Press blamed anti-immigration rhetoric like I predicted, even though investigators found no such connection. It is exceedingly clear that Jared Lougner had liberal sentiments and targeted Giffords because of close communications between them.

Today, that didn't stop AP from pushing the phony rhetoric against Arizon's state rights. Top headline at Yahoo:

(AP) "Yet a feeling resonates among some in the days since the shooting: that Arizona has become the nation's epicenter of divisiveness, the forefront of so much that's gone wrong.

The local sheriff of 30 years, Clarence Dupnik, perhaps put it most bluntly, condemning his native state as "the mecca for prejudice and bigotry."

"The anger, the hatred, the bigotry that goes on in this country is getting to be outrageous," he said. "And unfortunately Arizona, I think, has become sort of the capital." has left some here questioning the identity and ideals of a state that has come to exemplify a radical, antiestablishment, we'll-do-things-our-way approach to governing.

The "meth lab of democracy," comedian Jon Stewart called it last year, after Republican Gov. Jan Brewer signed the anti-immigration law that instructs police to demand proof of a questionable person's legal status."...

Up north sits the nation's largest American Indian reservation. Down south, towns share a border — and customs — with Mexico.

...Think back to the flap over the Martin Luther King holiday in Arizona... As with last year's anti-immigration law, charges of racism and bigotry flew.

...Lattie Coor, the former president of Arizona State University who runs a think-tank called the Center for the Future of Arizona, understands why residents of the state, and outsiders, may question or criticize.

"I guess what I would say to Arizonans, and to the nation, is we all ought to look a little more deeply into what this place is and what it's doing. We are not a renegade, hate-filled society," he said... Arizona, Coor concluded, is more moderate, center-right than the rhetoric and partisan primary-dominated elections of recent years might suggest... "Instead of celebrating our wonderful diversity ... now it's like we've put up fences. We're off on our own. We're not going to play along."...

Even then, she said, Arizona had a bit of an image as a "nutcase state." But these past years have been different. She and others point to the escalating problems with illegal immigration as the turning point; the Arizona border has become the busiest corridor for illegal immigration into the United States from Mexico... "Fear gets directed at people," Grindell said, whether through policymaking, political posturing or prejudice.

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