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Charles Johnson's Fake Bush 'Applause' Prompt


The latest clown school dropout to fail to understand the difference between an applause prompt and closed captioning for the deaf... But the magic healing power of stupid shall reunite those torn asunder by moderation.... And yet … how will they ever explain this?

It's an obvious fake. There's your explanation. In a sad effort to discredit the Obama applause flap, Urbaniak posted a crude fake that claims to be from Bush's 2005 inauguration. The black box behind the words doesn't even align with the edge of the jumboscreen, it overlaps it!

Here's a real photo of the jumbotron at Bush's inauguration. It fits three lines of text, not just two like in the fake photo. Notice the black background for the text actually doesn't extend to the edge of the screen, and it isn't so dark. The black background in the fake photo is much darker than anything black around it. That's just impossible.

Photos of them walking out show no text at all. Weren't the people applauding at that time? (See here, here, here, here)

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