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China Shuts Down 350 Million 'Offensive' Internet Pages

Over 60,000 websites including hundreds of millions of pages were proudly shut down by China's communist government. About 5,000 people were punished. Bloggers have gathered proof that the sites were NOT pornographic as China claims, but simply gave opinions that conflict with China's authoritarian government. For example, China declared the closure of, which as you can see contains no pornography. Same for and

Besides the proof that these censored websites were not pornographic, we have soft porn on Chinese government websites.

( "Chen’s department oversees the Internet in China. They claim to have examined the content of 1.79 million websites and deleted 350 million articles, pictures and videos; they shut down 60,000 websites and rounded up 4,965 people, 1,332 of whom received “criminal punishment” with 58 jailed for five years or more.

In case you’re worried your favorite websites might not be sexy enough to be blocked in China, you’re in for some good news.

China already blocks Facebook, YouTube, Flickr and Twitter. Personally, I try to block Facebook out of my brainpan as much as possible, but my inner Big Brother is not as chillingly efficient as China’s militant Internet department."

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