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Google's Cozy Deals with Obama Administration Threatens Privacy: Consumer Watchdog

Google was Obama's fifth top contributor at $803,436. Consumer Watchdog says that explains why Google has unique access to a fleet of jets at a NASA airstrip and gets away with spying in over 30 countries.

It is well known that Google street-view gathered information on secured and unsecured wireless servers all around the world. Why? We still have no answer.

The report claims Google executives have special access to 6 jets and 2 helicopters at Moffett Airfield in California, fueled courtesy of the Department of Defense. At least 40 employees have security clearance at the base. FOI requests reveal the jets have been used mostly for vacations and "schmoozing". All this was agreed upon in exchange for phony "global warming" data.

DHS and FCC officials have criticized the privacy protections in Google products. The FCC uses Google Analytics to track visitors to its websites. Critics call this a conflict of interest. Or maybe they were pressured into it? Google recently sued the Department of Interior for rejecting a $50 million contract.

Google has a $27 million deal with the National Geospatial Intelligence Agency, leading to questions of its secret involvement in surveillance on behalf of the government, says the report. Google got a $6.5 million deal with the General Services Administration for email services. There was speculation of a $161 billion contract for satellite services. Google refuses to talk about its deals with the NSA.


image: Yodel Anecdotal - flickr/cc license

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