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LA Times Jaw-Dropper: Tucson Shooter's Ideology Rooted In Far-Right

If you believe this, you might be as nutty as Jared Loughner...

( The ramblings of accused Arizona killer Jared Lee Loughner are difficult to tie to a coherent political philosophy, yet in them can be discerned a number of themes drawn from the right-wing patriot and militia movements, experts said.

Friends of the assassin say he never watched the news or talk radio or anything like it. Officials dropped investigations of any possible connections to right-wing groups.Others say he listened to conspiracy theorist Alex Jones.

Loughner was a fan of Communist Manifesto... and his internet ramblings show a deep hate for Christianity and the Iraq war. Obviously this former Democrat campaign worker wasn't influenced by the far-right. Nor the left, he was just crazy.

But why does the old media still insist on blaming conservatives?? Look at the facts.

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