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Military Expert Assassinated For Criticism Of Military Industrial Complex ??

John P Wheeler was found murdered in a garbage dump, the same day a Navy officer was fired for anti-gay slurs made four years ago. It is clear that there is a sinister power behind this, as the FBI refuses to investigate the assassination of this key aide of Ronald Reagan, George H. W. Bush, and George W. Bush administrations. What was the reason?

His work involved setting up Cyberspace forces, and he authored "a manual on the effectiveness of biological and chemical weapons. But the most startling find is a book titled 'Salient Issues of Constitutional Revision. In this book he lays concrete arguments against legislative and judicial overthrowing the constitution of the United Sates, arguments that today can be used against gays in the military, gay marriage, Obamacare, abortion, and other liberal basic human rights issues that usurp the constitution.

(John P Wheeler) "In addition to this question of democratic principle there is a matter of practical concern. The elimination of constitutional barriers to legislative action- a primary objective of the state constitution revision movement- means, under present circumstances, granting particular groups in the states greater power in the making of state policy...

The objective of constitutional revision embraced here has come to be identified with the movement for constitutional simplification. Simplification means shortening by elimination of excess or obsolete verbal baggage and clarifying, and perhaps reorganizing, the document. Far more important, it means reducing the amount of detail in the constitution..."

In a related book he argues against the military industrial complex:

"No constitution specifically authorizes a convention to promulgate a revised constitution without approval by the voters... It is of the greatest importance that a body chosen by the people of this state to revise the organic law of the state should be as free from interference from the several departments of government as the legislative, executive and judiciary are from interference by each other. Unless this were so, the will of the people might easily be nullified by the existing judiciary or legislature.

These publications are missing from his military biography. Why would his most important writings be erased from history? Perhaps they were his father's, John Wheeler Sr.? The name on these books says Jr....

Americans are not used to big government and much of their political theory and history argues against it... Yet big government is a fact and promises to remain so... The realistic question that faces us is, How can we make and keep big government effective, efficient, and yet democratically responsible?

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