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Navy Officer's Firing Part Of Anti-Gay Purge, Another Assassinated

I'm not defending Owen Honors's actions. But why is it suddenly headline news what he did four years ago? It's because he used "gay slurs" and the liberal media needs to deflect attention to gays in the military away from important issues.

Captain Honors had a promising career but got caught up in a political correct witch-hunt of homophobes in the military. Again, I would have fired him for what he did but not for the same reasons. I certainly wouldn't blast it as triumphant headline news like the liberal media.

There are more important stories, like the recent assassination of a US military expert. He spearheaded cyberwarfare and authored "a manual on the effectiveness of biological and chemical weapons." Or perhaps some gay activist didn't like his book on constitutional revision. It gives a clear argument against legislature or courts revising the constitution, which is exactly what they did with the gay issue. Looks like no one could find a scandal for him so he simply got offed.

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