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Obama Hid Egypt's Human Rights Violations: Wikileaks Bombshell

This is Obama's Jimmy Carter moment:

( They show in detail how diplomats repeatedly raised concerns with Egyptian officials about jailed dissidents and bloggers, and kept tabs on reports of torture by the police.

But they also reveal that relations with Mr. Mubarak warmed up because President Obama played down the public “name and shame” approach of the Bush administration. A cable prepared for a visit by Gen. David H. Petraeus in 2009 said the United States, while blunt in private, now avoided “the public confrontations that had become routine over the past several years.”

Obama backstabbed democracy protesters in Iran, China, Honduras, now Egypt. Joe Biden, Obama's VP defended Egypt's brutal killings of protesters. Yes this revolution is bad for America, as jihadist Muslim Brotherhood is behind it, but police are shooting people in the streets:

Once again, Obama only offers a sad, short statement about free speech.

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