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Rep. Gibbons Subscribed To Assassin's Youtube

Rep. Giffords had only 2 subscriptions, one was to Jarred Loughner, who called himself Classitup10. Bizarre! Atlasshrugged seems to suggest that she subscribed to keep tabs on him ever since he worked for her campaign in 2007 and targetted her for violence way back then.

WND reports she subscribed back in October:

While it is now known that Loughner worked for Gifford's election campaign in 2007, that Gifford subscribed to Loughner's website since Oct. 25, 2010, suggests the two may have been in contact more recently.

Well there's one more disgruntled ex-campaign worker she should have kept tabs on. Radical liberal Daily Kos:

Darn that conservative rhetoric!


failure said...
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failure said...

We have the same questions. The idea that she subscribed to him to "keep tabs on him" doesn't fit. Surely a US Congresswoman can not knowingly advertise the Youtube channel of an insane individual that promotes flag burning. Surely someone should have noticed over the course of two months that his channel was being promoted along side Ike Skeltons. Something does not add up here.

Dr B said...

You also make a great point that his Myspace page and the google cache of his Myspace were immediately wiped while her youtube wasn't. Evidently whoever covered this up had access to his internet content but not hers right away...