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Will Liberals Sign Glenn Beck's Pledge To Stop Violent Rhetoric?

Liberal San Francisco Chronicle made death threats over Proposition 8. Ed Schultz of MSBC threatened to shoot a Republican spokesman. Chicago reporters threatened to deck a conservative reporter. MSNBC coverage led directly to death threats against a Rep. Congressman. Washington Post threatened to beat a GOP singer with a hammer. Bill Maher threatened Rush Limbaugh. So did Chris Matthews. ABC viciously attacked young protesters and had them arrested for not moving from a public venue.

Meanwhile, the liberal media constantly lays false blame on conservatives for violence. The most famous is Washington Times claiming a conservative threw a rock at a Democrat's 30-story office window. We all remember the Tea Partiers who spat at and threw n words at the Black Caucus... never happened! That dead Federal Worker killed in Washington... turned out to be suicide. The Florida School Board shooter... turned out to be liberal.

Glenn Beck called out the liberals to join conservatives and sign a pledge to:

* I denounce violence, regardless of ideological motivation.
* I denounce anyone, from the Left, the Right or middle, who believes physical violence is the answer to whatever they feel is wrong with our country.
* I denounce those who wish to tear down our system and rebuild it in their own image, whatever that image may be.
* I denounce those from the Left, the Right or middle, who call for riots and violence as an opportunity to bring down and reconstruct our system.
* I denounce violent threats and calls for the destruction of our system – regardless of their underlying ideology – whether they come from the Hutaree Militia or Frances Fox Piven.
* I hold those responsible for the violence, responsible for the violence. I denounce those who attempt to blame political opponents for the acts of madmen.
* I denounce those from the Left, the Right or middle that sees violence as a viable alternative to our long established system of change made within the constraints of our constitutional Republic.

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