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Will Media Blame Conservatives For Attempted Mosque Bombing In Detroit?

Roger Stockham allegedly drove from California all the way to Detroit to blow up a mosque with some fireworks and firecrackers.

Once again the media will blame conservatives, and one again it's probably just a crazy guy who is possibly liberal. His myspace gives the impression that he cracked ever since serving in Vietnam. He says he has gone through four ex-wives since. He says he "saw a lot of action, got a lot of air medals, but not much else." He writes: "Happy with how much I've lived. Ready for it to be over... So long as I am alive, I can't play dead." "On meds and doing better than my history would predict."

How is he liberal? He says his favorite music is "'60's rock rythm and roll plus some folk. Bob Dylan." It seems this guy is mentally ill for what he did, but watch the liberal media try to spin it.


cura te ipsum said...

LOL, 60's rock, folk and Dylan is some of my favorite music too. Oops, this whole time I thought I was a conservative.

Dr B said...

It's not the stereotypical conservative.... there's also the death threats he had made against President Bush. Maybe I should have mentioned that.