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25 Bahman: Iran Protest Set For Valentine's Day

Get ready for the Valentine's Day protest in Iran. Iran has blocked the facebook site 25 Bahman 1389 and google/twitter searches for bahman. So far the page has 45,000 likes. The filters of protest sites can be bipassed using anti-filter software.

Arrests- Protest leaders Javid Fakhrian, Zahra Eftekhari and Zahra Sharif have been arrested for their role in the plans. Routes for 35 cities have been posted, and a number of liberal student groups have given their support. Dr. Ebrahim Yazdi of the Iran Liberation Movement remains under house arrest.

American support- This time Vice President Biden is calling on Iran to allow protests, a call which Iran rejects. American officials blast Iran for their support of Egypians' right to protest while denying their own people the same right. Will Obama support democracy in Iran this time?

Iran's government denied protest permits to opposition leaders Mir Hossein Mousavi and Mehdi Karroubi, calling the request "illegal." A number of opposition leaders have been severely restricted and journalists arrested.

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