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Al Jazeera Viewers Outraged By Blackout Of Iran Protest

A facebook group of thousands urge the network Al Jazeera to stop ignoring the pro-democracy protests in Iran.

The information blackout is shocking following Al Jazeera's unabashed support for the Egypt protests. Al Jazeera was the main propagandist for Soros stoog ElBarabei to become the new president, and the main apologist for other extremist Islamic factions vying for power. APCheck didn't bother to correct Al Jazeera's many distortions during their Egypt coverage because the network is widely known to be biased against America and moderate Muslims.

The double-standard is ironic, after Al Jazeera cried bias in American media for ignoring Egypt's protests for so long. As we in America know, our media actually trumpeted the protests in Egypt nonstop. Western media have largely ignored Iran's protests as well. But then America is a little distance away.

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