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Associated Press Cheers Voilent Chaos In Wisconsin

AP attacks the governor for his outrage against the Democrat "stunt." AP cheers the Democrats who "skipped town" to avoid balancing the budget rather than calling the act illegal.

But who cares about the budget? AP makes the issue about "collective bargaining rights," in other words 'unions.' Rather than reporting this as an obvious attack on the democratic process, AP repeats the liberal claim that this actually supports democracy: "...observers in the gallery screamed "Freedom! Democracy! Unions!" "

AP gushes about the "ever-growing throngs of protesters." (aka unions) AP reports the exiting Democrats "exchanged high-fives with protesters, who cried "thank you" as they walked by. The protesters unleashed venomous boos and screams at Republicans." That's not all they unleashed.

Protesters screamed death threats against Republicans. But AP will never mention that! Nor will AP mention Barack Obama's role behind the uncivil protests. It is all just a unionist stunt after all.

AP whitewashes the Democrat assault on government by reporting that it was previously used against Texas redistricting "designed to give Republicans more seats in Congress." That's not exactly true. But what is true, and what AP won't report, is that Democrats used the tactic to block civil rights reform in the 1949s.

AP ridiculously reports: "What we're seeing here is perhaps the most dramatic exercise of the democratic process"

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